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Unlock your mixing potential

Discover how to invoke emotion through mixing

Create mixes that translate

Deliver mixes that sound great across multiple systems

Simplify the mixing process

Learn how to start and finish a mix without wasting time

Deliver radio-ready mixes

Bounce final mixes that rival the top industry pros

Join me for this FREE live training and you'll learn:

  • How to start every mix and ensure consistent results regardless of your room of gear
  • How to identify and enhance the intended emotion of the song using tools like EQ, compression, etc.
  • How to enhance live drums before ever adding an eq or compression into the mix
  • How to deal with average or even poor recordings and still deliver a professional mix
  • How to manage the low end no matter what room, monitors, or headphones you use
  • How to deliver industry standard mastered mixes that retain clarity and punch
  • How to take action and apply everything you learn to make your next mix YOUR BEST MIX.

See the entire process from start-to-finish

In this FREE live training you'll see the entire mixing process unfold in an easy to follow yet fun and creative approach. If you want to learn how to demystify the process of mixing and make your next mix YOUR BEST MIX, then Behind The Glass with David Glenn is for you!


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